banana benefits


Quite possibly the world’s perfect food

Over the past century, bananas have become a staple in every kitchen around the world—and for good reason! Our favorite yellow fruit is not just delicious, it’s also highly nutritious. But when we’re cooking up one for a filling start to the day or grabbing a tasty treat on the go, we don’t normally stop to think about all the benefits our trusty bananas are giving to us. From supporting our immune systems and helping protect our hearts to providing energy and vitamins, here are five reasons—other than pure deliciousness, of course—that bananas might?deserve the title of Quite Possibly World’s Most Perfect Food.?

Bananas are fat and?cholesterol-free

Where bananas are concerned, fat and cholesterol don’t come into play. This is a fruit that is naturally cholesterol and fat-free, making it a healthy option for just about everyone.?

They are loaded with potassium

The benefits of potassium are almost endless. This one mineral can help lower blood pressure, protect the heart, and decrease the risk of heart disease. It also helps support the nervous system and improve muscle function. Want to recover faster from a tough workout? You guessed it—potassium can help you do that, too. You might be wondering, where can you get this miracle mineral from? One medium-sized banana packs a whopping 400 milligrams of it—or nearly 10 percent of the recommended daily value.?

And a great source of vitamins

Ever since we were little, our parents have stressed one thing when it comes to our health: don’t forget to take your vitamins! Swallowing pills may be a real…pill…but there’s an easier way to get a nourishing dose of some of the most important vitamins and minerals. Eat a banana and, voila, that’s 35 percent of your recommended daily B-6, a vitamin important for cell growth. This fresh fruit also provides a healthy dose of manganese, which supports bones and metabolism, plus a smattering of magnesium, Vitamin A, iron, copper, and more essential vitamins and minerals that keep our bodies in tip-top shape. ?

And offer great natural protection

Vitamin C is nature’s all-rounder and helps you maintain your?immune system's ability. With 10 milligrams of this powerful vitamin per banana, this fruit is a hero in strengthening your body's defenses.?

They provide long-lasting energy

Especially when treating our body with a sports sessions,?we’ll take every boost of energy we can get. In addition to being power-packed with vitamins, bananas also contain simple carbohydrates, which are a great source for a quick burst of energy. Whether you need a snack in the afternoon or fuel for your workout, bananas have you covered.

So, add a little bright yellow joy to your daily routine and we can't promise your body won't go bananas!?