Our bananas
Our bananas

Our Bananas

Think of bananas and you probably think of Chiquita and the familiar blue sticker. For good reason. We were the first company to brand the banana back in 1944, when we introduced Miss Chiquita. Her catchy jingle taught consumers about Chiquita bananas and how to store them.

Just in case you can't sing, find out below everything you need to know about selecting and handling Chiquita bananas.

You can also expand your taste horizons by exploring our exotic banana varieties.

When asked to name one brand of bananas, more consumers say Chiquita than any other brand. Chiquita is tops with consumers for taste, appearance, freshness, nutrition, value and size too.

The Banana Ripening Process

Bananas are harvested green and begin ripening as soon as the banana stem is cut from the plant.

Chiquita classifies banana ripeness into five peel color stages:

  • Green
  • Yellow with Green Tips
  • Yellow
  • Yellow with Brown Flecks
  • Brown