Our company

Our company

Chiquita is the banana’s best self

We have the right and responsability to speak on its behalf. We’re the ones with the Blue Sticker. It means we’ve done everything we can to deliver the highest-quality product possible, protect the environment, ensure sustainable farming practices, respect our workers, and support their communities.

We never take this simple truth for granted. Everything we do adds more and more meaning to our iconic logo. It’s why when you say, “Banana,” most people will say, “Chiquita.” Chiquita isn’t just another banana brand.

Chiquita is bananas.

Chiquita is a leading global company employing 18,000 people across 25 countries and with a presence in nearly 70 countries. In every market where it is present Chiquita works continuously to be the banana of choice. It provides consumers and customers with the highest quality of fruit and service, at the same time creating consistent value for the Chiquita brand, its customers, suppliers, associates and communities whilst respecting the environment.

How we do business

Our core values of integrity, respect, opportunity and responsibility form the basis of our business performance and guide our everyday activities, including our giving programs. As part of our core values, Chiquita maintains a solid commitment to conducting its business ethically, morally and in accordance with the law.

While approaching 150 years young, the heart of the company is fresh. Today, Chiquita leads with a reinvigorated vision. Our new leadership is heavily investing in our foundation to better support our business goals through sustainable growth from farm rejuvenation, strengthening our commercial supplier base, improving packing plants, taking control of our logistics and shipping to re-launching into a new brand positioning.