Join Chiquita's fitness challenge
Join Chiquita's fitness challenge

Blue Sticker

Special editions

We've used the stickers to promote bananas for school lunches, celebrate major anniversaries, advertise our sponsorship of the Olympics in 1980, celebrate Miss Chiquita's 50th birthday and feature our different campaigns from Quite Possibly The World's Most Perfect Food to Just Smile and our partnerships, like Minions. Some of them have become real collector's items!

We even organized a challenge to create and select our Eat a Chiquita 2010 sticker edition. We set up a web tool for people to whip up their own sticker drag-and-drop mixes. In less than five months, more than 25,000 of them were created. This enthusiasm led to a competition in which 1,355 entries were submitted and? online voting determined the final 18 designs that made it onto actual Chiquita bananas.

In 2017 Chiquita wore pink in order to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the month, one hundred million Chiquita bananas labeled with a pink sticker were be distributed to grocery stores and other markets across the globe to raise awareness among Chiquita lovers everywhere.?

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Iconic Symbol for high quality fruit

Our blue stickers have become an iconic symbol for high-quality fruit and produce. Our well-known label is our calling card. In 1944, we introduced Miss Chiquita and became the first company to brand a banana. In the early years, we experimented with putting our name and Miss Chiquita on a paper band and wrapping it around hands of bananas. The idea of sticking labels on bananas only started in 1963. Machines are just too rough and can bruise the delicate fruit so that’s why we still place our blue sticker on them by hand.