Lifestyle Chiquita Banana
Lifestyle Chiquita Banana


Chiquita is bananas

Beyond making bananas ubiquitous, we were also the first company to brand a banana through mass media. With the introduction of Miss Chiquita, we created a fun and provocative brand ambassador that educated the public on how to consume bananas—something that wasn’t common knowledge in the 1940s. Then in 1963, we were the first banana brand to put a seal of quality on our product: our famous Chiquita blue sticker. Not only is our mark a popular culture icon, but it also lets people everywhere know the banana they’re about to eat meets the highest standards. It’s a tradition we carry on today as we lead the way in changing the entire banana industry’s relationship with the environment. It’s just the latest thing that we’re doing to be out in front of the banana pack.

From the moment a banana starts to grow from the tree—bright, yellow-green, and holdable—it is wonderful. Nutritious, yet hilarious. Iconic, yet humble. Oddly shaped, yet highly functional. But above all it is fun. When you hold a banana, you feel happier. Don’t believe us?

Go ahead. Pick up a banana. We’ll wait.

See? You can’t help it.